Five sexual positions for handjobs

We thought it would be fun to share some of the sexual positions you can use to pamper your boyfriend now that you’re an expert at handjobs. These 5 positions for handjobs will ensure your success.

On the back. You are lying on your back while he is on your knees between his legs. This position is very comfortable for the man and allows him to relax fully. This position allows you to easily access his testicles which are sensitive during sexual intercourse.

From the behind. This is a position you can do anywhere and anytime. Move behind your boyfriend and gently undo or take off his pants. Then, play with his penis. You can caress your boyfriend as much as you like, or whisper to him what you will do. Your partner will be more relaxed at the end.

Supposedly. This position is very popular with men because it allows them to feel in control of the situation and you. You must be able to stand and he must kneel in front of you. This position allows you to easily alternate between the oral and manual stimulation, while looking at your lover in the eyes. I found some scenes with this position, I found them interesting and to share with you.

Parallel lines. This is a great position if you only need to give your boyfriend a few minutes of stimulation before having actual sex. The partners lay on each other’s backs, kissing and lying on their stomachs. The woman points slowly towards her penis and begins to play. This position can be used if you want your boyfriend ready to go.

69 manual. Because manual stimulation can be done simultaneously, this position provides maximum pleasure for both partners. Each partner stands to one side, their hips at the shoulders of the other. This position is very relaxing for both partners, and can be practiced longer.