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These myths and the truth about anal sex are four!

Anal sex is still taboo and difficult to discuss. It’s also difficult to practice because of the way our society views this sexual act.

It can also be a great pleasure if you are able to get past the inhibitions.

We present the truth and 4 myths surrounding anal sex to help you be more educated about this topic.

Myth 1: Anal Sex is against Nature

While many people think anal sex is unnatural and put it in the category of perversions you should know that many women have been using this form of sex for many centuries. They chose anal sex to preserve their virginity and enjoy sexual pleasures with their partner. Many anal sex scenes are offered in a unique way and through which you can learn many special things.

The most important thing is to only do what you want. If anal sex violates your principles, don’t practice it.

Myth 2 – Only gay couples resorts to this type of sexual sex

It is completely false! Although anal sex was once considered an integral part of gay couples a few decades back, it is no longer relevant today.

This type of sex is becoming more popular among young men to increase their enjoyment.

Myth 3: Anal sex can do you harm and is not healthy for your health

This is partly true because this type of sex can be dangerous for your health if it’s done improperly or if the partner has a sexually transmitted illness.

You don’t need to worry if anal sex is your favorite, and lubrication makes you feel great.

To prevent irritation, doctors recommend condoms that do not contain spermicides for anal sex.

Myth 4: Anal sex is not a pleasure but a cause of pain

This is completely false! If anal sex causes pain in your case, it is a sign that you aren’t doing it correctly.

Anus nerve endings can stimulate the area to bring you high peaks of pleasure. However, you need to be as educated as possible and apply as much lubricant. These conditions will ensure that you have pleasure from anal sex.