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All you need to know concerning the female condom

Romanian women are not familiar with the use of the female condom as a contraceptive method. Because young people don’t know about all forms and sex education is not provided, it’s a reason why. We are here to help teenagers learn more about female condoms, including how to use them, their safety, and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Women wear the female condom inside their vagina to block sperm from reaching the uterus. The male condom looks very similar to the female condom. Two rings make up the female condom: one is closed and the other is open. The open ring goes behind the pubic bone into the vagina.


– Once you have learned the technique of inserting a condom, it is easy to use one.

– Sexual intercourse feels natural.

– Because it does not contain latex, it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

– Protects against sexually transmitted disease

– It is possible to introduce it before having sexual intercourse but not during foreplay.

– If well fixed, remains in place

– Can be used in conjunction with an oil- or water-based lubricant

– The outer rings stimulate the clitoris.

– No prescription is required.

– No hormonal side effects

– It molds to your vagina.

– It shouldn’t be removed immediately following ejaculation.


– If it is not properly inserted, it can move into the vagina.

– The penis can be irritated by the inner ring.

– The outer ring may cause irritation in the vaginal area.

– It’s more expensive than male condoms.

The female condom can only be used once, just like the male condom.

Most female condoms have been lubricated. If you feel the lubrication is inadequate, you can add lubricant to your condom. You should never use a female condom with a male condom. This could lead to them breaking.