There are many types of sex that are worth trying

These tips will help you to be brave and try different types of sex. You may already have tried some of these, but you will be inspired by others.

You should at least try sex without kissing. Both of you will be more focused on the sexual act and your own pleasure.

Sex toys can transform any sex game. Get sex toys, be bold and let your imagination run wild. Your boyfriend will be thrilled.

There are also more sexy “destinations” that you can choose for sex like a car or plane. You can have sex in a car, but you should find somewhere quiet and private to enjoy your time together. The plane is a bit more difficult because of the crowded toilets.

You can make your sex parties different by adding sweet foods to them, such as honey or whipped cream.

You can always go to other rooms in the house if you get bored of your bedroom. You can have sex in your own home at the bathroom, kitchen table, or washing machine speed.

If you are looking for something bold, or if you like the idea of someone surprising you, sex in public places is a great option. You might find a safe spot in the park or at the seafront.

You can have sex online or over the phone with your boyfriend if you are not in the same area. Although it may seem more difficult to have sex on the phone, you can start by telling your boyfriend what you’re wearing and what you want to do. The webcam will make it easy!

Some fantasies can be made sexually. Most commonly, you and your partner will be handcuffed or have a bandana covering their eyes to prevent them from seeing. You will have a lot of fun and enhance your senses with unseen sex.

Watching others have sex is a great way to learn how to have sex. You can either watch porn or go to a club where you can see other people having sex or you can go to online.

The rain can also be an opportunity to indulge in sexual pleasures. You can also take advantage of rainy days by staying inside, as it’s said that sex outside is the most romantic.

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